“Why Your First Maid Will Almost Always Never Work Out”




Shocking Conspiracy They Don’t Want You to Know…



by Eddy Lam Yew Chiang   (R1100380)

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What? By Luck?

My purpose and focus for the past 14 years has been developing and fine-tuning unique processes to increase the “luck factors” of employers so that they do not find a maid or domestic helper that do not work out on the first try. For instance, she may not understand your instructions and constantly does something wrong, or she simply cannot fit into your family. And then, you'll have to find another replacement helper time and again.

We’ve been asked why it is that we have so many testimonials from happy employers. The secret to this is that we work hard to increase the “luck factors” of employers so that they DO find a suitable domestic helper right from the outset.

I will explain exactly what I mean by “luck factors” and the conspiracy against you finding a good helper.

Before I get into that, have you ever wondered why you’ve been brainwashed with this myth that getting a good maid is “by luck”?



Your Common Enemy and the Industry’s Common Enemy…

You see, when everything is “by luck” it becomes nobody’s responsibility. It is bad luck or fate or destiny and nobody can do anything to improve their lives. In our case here, nobody can do anything to find a good maid or helper.  (I prefer to use the term “domestic helper” because they are helping us in our household chores, and they are no less deserving in having their rights than any of us.)

Now, this “luck” thing is a conspiracy against you by the rogue agencies, if you really get it.

You see, they don’t want you to get the right helper on the first try. They want you to keep replacing your helper again and again.

In fact, they even give you unlimited replacements within a long period of time, which sounds good until you know the truth. (The fact is MOM has limited the number of replacement helpers to five times before they "have a coffee talk" with you.) These rogue agencies don’t want you to have good “luck factors” and find a good helper on the first try. Why?



The Money Multipliers

Because if you have the right “luck factors” and find the right helper on the first try, they cannot maximise their profits and keep you making more and more payments. Remember the top-ups you have to make for the maid’s loan of the new replacement helper when your first helper didn’t work out? Plus, the insurance for the girl as well?

Imagine doing that for every replacement helpers you get when all of them don’t work out.

Further, if you find the right helper, they also cannot make more helpers pay and pay. You see, if you have the right helper, there is no replacement helper. But, if you have “bad luck”, your new replacement maid from overseas will have to pay them agency fees. In addition, your current helper who is transferring will have to pay a transfer fee to the agency.

Now imagine this happening again and again and again for you and many new replacement helpers and the helpers who are transferring again and again. And, multiply that out for many employers… One employer becomes 3, 4, 5 or more sales. The money simply multiplies out like magic!

Here’s the disclaimer: not all agencies are like that. Only the rogue agencies do this. Most agencies are good honest folks making a living and doing their best for their employers.



But, It Gets Worse…

Now, because you have to keep getting new replacement helpers, you have to keep taking leave and keep training and re-training the helpers. It is a very stressful time for you and your family. Your whole family life is disrupted. Your whole work life is disrupted.

Duh, they say it’s due to bad luck.

The truth is, it’s a conspiracy against you.

I read about this in a Chinese newspaper many years ago. An agency boss actually confirmed this happening.

But, it gets worse…

The rogue agencies also “make” you train the helper for them for free.

Let’s say, you and the next 3-5 employers train the same helper for the next 6-12 months and then return the girl to the agency. Now, this helper already has a bad employment record in the MOM. They cannot place her again and again. What do they do?

No problem. Stamp her “ex-Singapore” and resell her to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Saudi and so on. She becomes a “branded” helper from Singapore and commands a premium price over there. All this, at your expense. Further, these agencies have no respect for the helpers.

But, it’s good for the rogue agencies because they will make even more money.

Now, because of these practices, you get tricked into another false belief…



New vs Transfer Helper – Which is Better?

New or transfer helpers are not any better or worse than the other. The secret is really in which gives you better “luck factors”. I’ll explain later…

Now, because of the above practices, you become mistaken that only new helpers or replacement helpers from overseas are good.

They want you to think that all transfer helpers are the “bad” helpers returned by other employers and passed around like a merry-go-round. As such, you are brainwashed to think that transfer helpers are bad.

BIG Mistake!Herein lies the greatest secret in the industry they never tell you.

There are really two classes of transfer helpers:

       1. The less than ideal ones – these are helpers no longer employed by people due to dissatisfactory work performance (as in the above scenarios).  


          2.  The good ones – these are genuine transfer helpers who have a lot of relevant experience with good track record who have to leave their current employer because their current employer doesn’t need their service any more. (It can be due to the kids being grown up or they have financial difficulties or they are migrating, etc.) But these good transfer helpers have completed 4 or more years of contract. They are transferring not because of bad work performance. They are transferring because circumstances have changed. The key is how do you find these good helpers. 121 Personnel Services has fine-tune a way to find the good transfer helpers via the proprietary 121 Match-Point© System.

Now, transfer helpers simply means they are transferring from one employer to another. It doesn’t mean they are “rejected” helpers who did not perform in their jobs which they want you to believe.

And of course, they want you to get new replacement helpers rather than the “really good” experienced transfer helpers because there is more money to be made as I’ve explained earlier.

FACT: To find a suitable helper, you must first increase your “luck factors”...



The Hidden Solution…

I have a way to increase your “luck factors” to find the right helper on the first try and save you a lot of money. Really, it’s not about luck. It’s about doing things the right way. And, having the employer’s interest at heart. And, at the same time, being respectful of the needs of the helpers as well.

Whenever you visit an agency, you can more or less gauge what is the real intention of the agency. Is the agency only interested in getting you to “pay and pay” or is the agency genuinely interested in doing a good job and then getting compensated for their work. It is all about their intentions!

Of course, I can say whatever I want, but the proof of what I say is really in the testimonials we have. Here’s more testimonials from happy employers. (It’s another page of testimonials). You can verify that these are real testimonials from real employers and they are “heavy duty” testimonials unlike the flimsy “they are good” testimonials.



Benefits of My “Hidden” Solution

Firstly, when you get a new helper from overseas, your agency fee is likely to be $800 to $1,500 or more, depending on your package. In addition, you have to pay a maid’s loan of $400 x 7 months = $2,800 (estimated) which is deductible from the helper’s monthly salary. There are also other fees like runner’s fee, settling-in program, medical, etc. which I have not included here.

However, if you get an experienced transfer helper, your agency fee is likely to be about $500, depending on your package. And, there is no maid’s loan. Other fees include insurance and WPOnline which are the same for new maids. There are no runner’s fee, settling-in program, medical, etc. expenses as the helpers have already gone through them.

Your total cash outflow (simplified - agency fee plus maid's loan) is about $3,600 for a new helper from overseas vs $500 (simplified - agency fee only, there is no maid's loan) for an experienced good transfer helper. For the sake of simplicity, I've excluded all other related expenses.

Can you see why they want you to think transfer helper is bad and that new helper from overseas is good? You do the math…



Increasing Your “Luck Factors”

The fact is employing a domestic helper is not very different from employing a worker for your office.

When you employ a worker for your office, you will have to interview a few candidates, check their employment history and perhaps, talk to their previous employers. Only then, do you employ them.

Now, for the new helpers from overseas, you cannot interview them face to face, you cannot verify their real employment history and you cannot talk to their previous employers. So, what makes you think you can find a good helper?

Whereas for the good transfer helpers (and I am only speaking for experienced transfer helpers from 121 Personnel Services), you can interview them face to face – in fact, we encourage it – you can even have them visit your house to see their work environment first hand; you can verify their real employment history – we will get that information for you from MOM; and if their previous employers are willing, you can even talk to them.

Beware! Some rogue agencies break this law: If you’re employing a transfer helper, make sure that you’re given the employment history of the helper before you employ her. Some transfer helpers have very bad track record, and they change 3-4 employers within a year! Some agencies will not give you the girl’s employment history so that they can make you pay them pay once, and a second time for a replacement helper, and many times more if possible.

Now, which do you think gives you better “luck factors”?

However, this doesn’t mean any agency can do this. We can because of our track record. Our testimonials is a testament to that.


The 121 Match-Point© System

But, transfer maids are bad, many people say. However, now you are the minor few who know the whole truth. There are good transfer maids as well.

However, if it comes from agencies doing the money multiplier thing above, then their transfer maids are probably bad.

To find a suitable maid or helper, you must first increase your “luck factors” the way that the 121 Match-Point© System does for you.

In 121 Personnel Services, we screen our helpers to ensure that they are transferring from one employer to another not because of bad work performance. (Unlike the rogue agencies doing money multiplier.)

They can be transferring due to their previous employer not requiring their service any more (but they have completed 5 years of service with them!); their previous employer returning to their home country after having the girl with them for 8 years, and so on.

Many of our 121 Personnel Services transfer helpers have very good reference letters from their previous employers.

In addition, in 121 Personnel Services, we recognise that all helpers have their preference in what type of work they like. They also have a preference for the characters of their employers. This is the same for employers as well. We take these into consideration when we do our matching of helpers and employers. This is like you “clicking” with certain people, and simply not “clicking” with other types of people. It’s a similar process here. We make sure that the helpers and employers who “click”, get together.



Does that Mean 100% Matching?

We do have good quality experienced transfer helpers available for proper matching to your needs. However, please understand that the matching of human beings is not an easy job and it may fail. We do have a guarantee to cover you on that, depending on your package.

To put things in perspective, boyfriends and girlfriends do breakup, husbands and wives do divorce, and of course, you may even have a co-worker in the office whom you simply dislike. That’s the human condition for you.

You can also see how we compare to the industry average. Below is a screenshot from the MOM EA Directory (as at 19 March 2016).

MOM deems an agency as a “major” agency only if the agency has a minimum Placement Volume of 200. The industry average is 89.05. We have a placement volume of more than 4 times the size of the industry average.

Transfer Rate refers to the percentage of domestic helpers who are placed to 3 or more employers within 1 year. This percentage will be very high for agencies playing the “Money Multiplier” game as mentioned earlier.

We have a low percentage because we are professionals at what we do. Nevertheless, we still have a low percentage because there are genuine cases of helpers who simply need more help to find the right employer. Sometimes, her previous employer may have suddenly lost his job, and the second employer just need a helper to tide over a difficult period and didn’t need her later on, and so on. In such cases, we sincerely do our best to help the domestic helper. Of course, if the helper has attitude problems, we wouldn’t recommend the helper to any other employers.

Retention Rate refers to the percentage of domestic helpers who have stayed with the same employer for more than 1 year. “Money Multiplier” agencies will have a very low retention rate because they just want to “roll” the helpers from employer to employer.

We perform about 30% better than the industry average. This is significant especially if you take into consideration the placement volume we are doing (more than 4 times the average). Do bear in mind that there are also many agencies with low placement volumes of 1 or 2 or 10 (but much lower than the average) with retention rate of 80% to 100% which skew the retention rate upwards. In my opinion, the average industry retention rate shown above is actually much higher than what is factually happening on the ground due to the “skewing” above.

As you can see, we really do our job the proper way. Our record, compared to the average industry standards, speaks for itself.

Moreover, from our many testimonials, you can be assured that we do put in our best to properly match you with the correct helper. And, we take this heart-attack seriously. No if’s, no but’s, no nonsense.

We want the best possible for you.

So, what should you do next?



How to Increase Your “Luck Factors” to Find a Good Maid…

Simply request for an obligation-free matching of a helper to your needs (click here) and see whether it will work for you. Or, you can call us at 6733-8121 (3 Lines) to see if we can help you.

You can also email us at service@121personnel.com Please write “Helper Matching" in Subject.

Do give us a try. There is no obligation.

Thank you for reading.