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Being a domestic helper, I try my very best to do my duties and responsibilities and respect and follow my boss' do's and don't's.

During my work, I've had experience in taking care of young children, dogs and cats. I've done cooking, cleaning, general housekeeping, and ironing.

I can cook Western spaghetti bolognese, beef stew, lasagne, Asian food, Mexican food and follow recipes.

Single (44)
Ref: 0531-1113
Upd on 31-May-14

I have experience in taking care of new born, 5 years old and elderly who is 84 years old.

My work experience also includes cleaning the house and helping around in household chores. I can cook Western food like french fries and spaghetti. I can also cook Chinese food like soup, vegetable and meat.

I do my best in my work and I take care of my employer's family. I also follow my employer's instructions and do things nicely.

I hope my new employer will like me and I will do my best and do my job nicely and well.

Thank you Ma'am and Sir.

Married (44)
Ref: 0531-1116
Upd on 31-May-14

I have worked in Singapore for 18 years. I've stayed with 1 employer for 5 years and another employer for 8 years.

I have experience with newborn and I took care of her till she was 4 years old.

In my work, I've experience in cooking, general housework and walking the dog. I also do marketing.

My employer whom I've worked with for 8 years is wiling to be my reference, so you can also email her about me.

I can cook Indian food like curries and chapati and Western food.

Married (43)
Ref: 0531-1115
Upd on 31-May-14

I have initiative to do work. I am honest and trustworthy. I am also an easy going person.

I enjoy taking care of babies and young children. I have experience with 1 month old and 8 years old. I bathed and fed them.

I also cook, take care of baby and dog, do ironing, laundrey, gardening and house cleaning.

To my prospective employer,

I'm a very passionate and happy person. Hope you give me a chance to work with your family.

Thank you very much.

Shiela :-)

Single (31)
Ref: 0531-1114
Upd on 31-May-14
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