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Maid Agency: 121 Personnel Services Pte Ltd
Type: Transfer
Available: 2-4 weeks
Rest Day Pref.: 4 rest days per month

I have 2 reference letters to share with you.

Reference letter 1:

Ada has worked for me for almost 2 years. Her responsibilites have included taking care of 2 young children (ages 3 and 5 when she began the contract), as well as general housework. She has performed her job functions well during this period and we have been satisfied with her overall performance. At this point since our youngest child will be attending school full-time next year, we do not believe that we would need a full-time helper.

N. W. H.

Reference letter 2:

Ms. Ada Melo Almuete has been working with us as a Domestic Workfer from 13 March 2004 to 21 November 2009. Her duties have included overseeing the upkeep of the house, as well as ensuring the well-being of those placed under her care - 2 pet dogs and 1 teenage daughter.

With an eye for cleanliness and organization, she has proved herself to be a very hardworking and honest worker; and in the time she has been with us, she has carried out her duties with alacrity and dedication.

Most notable among her assets are her culinary skills, possessing a wide knowledge of recipes of various cuisines. The highlights of her cooking over the years have been Indian chicken curry and Italian spaghetti, amongst various other dishes. She has also shown versatility and a willingness to adapt her cooking style to suit the tasts and preferences of her employers, making it a point to scour newspapers for recipes, as well as occasionally experimenting with great success.

With her numerous merits, tireless devotion to her work and great desire to work in Singapore, she would be a great asset to any employer.

My wife and I wish her every success with her new employer(s).

Your faithfully,


(Details will be revealed for reference check.)

Single (47 yrs)
Ref: 0608-1128
Upd on 08-Jun-14
Maid Agency: 121 Personnel Services Pte Ltd
Type: Transfer
Rest Day Pref.: 4 rest days per month

Being a domestic helper, I try my very best to do my duties and responsibilities and respect and follow my boss' do's and don't's.

During my work, I've had experience in taking care of young children, dogs and cats. I've done cooking, cleaning, general housekeeping, and ironing.

I can cook Western spaghetti bolognese, beef stew, lasagne, Asian food, Mexican food and follow recipes.

Single (45 yrs)
Ref: 0531-1113
Upd on 31-May-14
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