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Single Parent (28)
Ref: 0115-10022
Upd on 22-Jan-15

Hi, I am a good girl.

Single (38)
Ref: 0115-10021
Upd on 06-Jan-15

I have 2 reference letters to share with you.

Reference letter 1:

Ada has worked for me for almost 2 years. Her responsibilites have included taking care of 2 young children (ages 3 and 5 when she began the contract), as well as general housework. She has performed her job functions well during this period and we have been satisfied with her overall performance. At this point since our youngest child will be attending school full-time next year, we do not believe that we would need a full-time helper.

N. W. H.

Reference letter 2:

Ms. Ada Melo Almuete has been working with us as a Domestic Workfer from 13 March 2004 to 21 November 2009. Her duties have included overseeing the upkeep of the house, as well as ensuring the well-being of those placed under her care - 2 pet dogs and 1 teenage daughter.

With an eye for cleanliness and organization, she has proved herself to be a very hardworking and honest worker; and in the time she has been with us, she has carried out her duties with alacrity and dedication.

Most notable among her assets are her culinary skills, possessing a wide knowledge of recipes of various cuisines. The highlights of her cooking over the years have been Indian chicken curry and Italian spaghetti, amongst various other dishes. She has also shown versatility and a willingness to adapt her cooking style to suit the tasts and preferences of her employers, making it a point to scour newspapers for recipes, as well as occasionally experimenting with great success.

With her numerous merits, tireless devotion to her work and great desire to work in Singapore, she would be a great asset to any employer.

My wife and I wish her every success with her new employer(s).

Your faithfully,


(Details will be revealed for reference check.)

Single (45)
Ref: 0608-1128
Upd on 08-Jun-14

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this reference letter to recommend Jocelyn Caisip Dimayuga to the position of Domestic Helper in your home. I am sure that she shall be just the right applicant for this position.

Jocelyn has been three years working for our home. She had performed such amazing job that she was given an increment in her salary after her first 6 months. Joyce is speedy at learning, very lively and painstaking.

She is very enthusiastic and always ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities. She undertakes to carry out attentively all duties of domestic nature for example, laundry, cooking, child/baby care, aged care, all-purpose cleaning and housekeeping. She remained courteous and polite to all members of the household and behaved properly at all times.

I am perfectly confident that Jocelyn shall definitely turn out to be a very valuable asset to your home like she was to ours. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like supplementary information.



(Details will be released for reference check.)

Single (36)
Ref: 0608-1127
Upd on 08-Jun-14

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is my personal recommendation for Bernadith. I have been her employer for almost 2 years. I have always found her to be an excellent and efficient employee who always has a smile on her face and is dedicated to completing all of her assignments. My life in Singapore couldn't be the same without her dedicated support for my family.

Bernadith has been booking after me and my son who is turning 10 and has done everything in our house from general housekeeping to marketing and cooking. She is especially good at cleaning, laundry and ironing. In addition, she learnt how to cook several Korean dishes from my mother who had stayed with us for several months. She was kind to her and communicated with her quite well even though my mother couldn't speak English at all. Bernatdith is warm-hearted and always treats my guests and visitors very kindly and friendly.

She graduated college at her country and reads, writes and speaks English pretty well.

Though I am saddened to leave Bernadith as I must return to Korea, I strongly recommend Bernadith for employment at your home and she makes a great asset for any home.


HS Park

Single (46)
Ref: 0608-1126
Upd on 08-Jun-14

I have 2 reference letters from my employers. Below are the abridged versions.

Reference Letter from Dr. H. (2014)

In the almost 4 years that we employed Amelia, we were always very happy with her way of fulfilling the job. Beside her very friendly and polite personality she is an extremely responsible and honest person. We found Amelia to be very experienced with small children. When our girls were still babies she supported us in all daily tasks, such as feeding, bathing, bringing them to bed and changing nappies. When they grew older, she played very creatively at home with them, took them to small outings like the playground or for swimming or picked them up from school. A couple of times, she took full time care of the children when we were travelling for 3 to 4 days. We had the utmost confidence in her judgement and have always felt comfortable leaving our children in her care. Her taks of keeping the house, its surroundings and the car clean, were performed meticulously. The home cleaned by her was always left in outstanding condition. Furniture, fixtures and laundray were treated by her carefully. We can truly recommend her, in case of any questions, you may contact us.

Reference Letter from Ms. M (2009)

Amelia has been working for our family since June 2003, 6 months before our third kid was born. Besides cooking, washing and general housekeeping, Amelia's primary responsibility was to look after the children. Though we had our parents to come by to assist her then, most of the daily chores and bathing of the children were handled by Amelia. Amelia is able to handle the household chores and meals preparation without supervision. She has good culinary skill which is appreciated by our friends and relatives whenever we invite guests for meals. Her sensitivity during those occasions had certainly made such gatherings easy for us. Her willingness to take care of our friends' children when we have adult outing has also helped to foster good relationship among our children and their friends. She is also able to exert appropriate discipline which has kept the children safe during those periods when they are at our house. This certainly gives us confidence and comfort to know that the kids are in good hands.

Amelia is able to get the children's school things and schedule in order, following the time table given to her. We thank her for waking up the chidlren each morning and getting them ready for school. When the children were ill we could also safely entrust the administration of the medicine and constant monitoring of the children's fever and health onto her hands.

We thank Amelia for her love for our children which is easily identifiable through the children's relationship with her. Amelia is also willing to learn new things. This is reflected through the classes she attends during her off day - she certainly holds great responsibility and accountability for her family.

Married (50)
Ref: 0531-1125
Upd on 08-Jun-14

I'm a loving and caring helper to the kids. I can do things that no need to be told. I'm hard working and honest helper.

On my off days, I like to rest in my room, do volunteer work for charity and help to feed the old people in the nursing home.

Below is a reference letter from my employer:

Juvy is a kind and self-sufficient all around helper with calm nature. I had to tell her recipes sometimes over the phone; luckily she was able to follow them. Her English is excellent and she is blessed with good common sense. She was able to pick the children up or help with any of the shopping and household duties.

She is an excellent cook and can follow any recipes, our favorites were: Quiche, Indian or Thai curries and the kids loved her macaroni cheese and this list could go on...

I was working part-time, so she managed to run our household, help with the kids while keeping our large house spotlessly tidy and clean.

We trusted her and she had not disappointed us in any way. We have been very happy with her during these 2 years, but sadly as we are leaving the country and will not be able to keep her.

(Full details will be given to prospective employers for reference checks.)

Single (45)
Ref: 0531-1123
Upd on 08-Jun-14

14 May 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Marivic Batcharo Gomez

This is to confirm that Marivic Batcharo Gomez (Mavi) was employed by us as our maid/housekeeper from September 2010 until May 2014. Mavi is leaving our employment due to us leaving Singapore to relocate to Australia.

During her time with us Mavi helped with all aspects of looking after ourselves, our 2 sons, our cat, and our home, including shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning, and occasional babysitting when our sons were younger. Mavi always shopped within budget and maintained the home in good order. She cooks all types of western and asian food very well, and has helped with great enthusiasm to cater for parties of up to 80 guests.

Mavi is always cheerful and positive in outlook, and it has been a great pleasure to have her working for us. She has always done everthing asked of her with good humour and a smile. She is discrete and thoughtful, trustworthy, always helpful, versatile, and will take on any task. Mavi has been a great asset and a friend to our family. We will miss her very much.

We wholeheartedly recommend Mavi to any future employer.

Yours Sincerely

L. and D.

(Full details will be released to prospective employers for reference checks)

Single (42)
Ref: 0531-1122
Upd on 08-Jun-14

I have experience with infant of 6 months old and elder care for an elderly of 72 years old who had stroke. For elder care, I helped him to walk, massage, feed him and help him to sit down. My other experiences include taking care of children, marketing, cooking, household chores, washing and ironing. Below are 2 reference letters from 2 of my employers.

From Mrs V. (letter was written quite a few years ago)

I am V, employer of Jocelyn. I am pleased to introduce her to her prospective employer. She has been working in Singapore for 5 years now. I employed her to look after my husband who is a stroke patient, but sad to say and unfortunately, he didn't survive and passed away last month. I am sad to release her but I decided to live with my daughter in Australia and I will be leaving when she finds a new job. She is capable of child care and well experienced with new born babies from her previous jobs before me. She is a perfect housekeeper including cooking, laundry and ironing. She works independently and is willing to learn more. She can start with her new job in soonest possible time.

From Mr M. (March 20, 2014)

I am writing this letter to recommend Jocelyn Jeresano, who has been working as a housekeeper in our home for the past 3 years. Jocelyn has been an outstanding maid for us and our daughter. It is with great regret that we cannot bring her to the U.S. with us. She possesses a friendly personality and strives to get the job done in a timely manner. Her cleanliness is impeccable and she is a first rate cook. She always tries new dishes and they are consistently of good quality. She has not made any severe mistake during her tenure with us. Jocelyn is a very painstaking person, and always tries to please. She performs all of her duties cautiously and attentively. She is a devoted individual and she has much to offer, loyal to the job and family, and always willing to improve with the slightest need for direction. I sincerely recommend Jocelyn as your housekeeper and cook. I assure you that she will be an excellent choice, one you will not regret. I wish Jocelyn the best of luck in her future endeavors. If you have any further queries about her, please do not hesitate to call me.

(Full details will be given to prospective employers for reference checks.)

Single (49)
Ref: 0531-1121
Upd on 08-Jun-14

I am a very patient person and I love my work. I am very friendly and I can follow orders. I've attended a course in the Home Academy on cooking and baking. During my off-days, I like to study and go to church. I like to take care of children. I've prepared food for them, play with them and also read stories to them.

During my work, I've helped around in house cleaning, cooking, marketing, ironing, taking care of 3 children.

I can cook pasta lasagna, grill pork, fish, lamb, spaghetti, make salad, soup and follow recipes.

Below is a short testimonial from my employer:

She works as our housemaid for almost 2 years. During her stay with us, I noticed that she is hardworking, patient and an independent person. In addition, she knows how to handle hyper-active child. She always accomplish her duty on time.

Should you have further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.

My current employer is very nice and is willing to talk to you, Ma'am or Sir if you would like to employ me. You can interview me in person and I can pass you my current employer's contact so that you can talk to her.

Thank you.

Separated (48)
Ref: 0531-1112
Upd on 08-Jun-14

To Whom It May Concer

This is to certify that Janette Manipon Virador, has been employed since 3rd January 2012 to present. I would like to record my sincere reference and testimonial for future employers.

Janette is a capable worker. Since she worked with us, she has taken care of the apartment and my family (one adult and two children). In fact my twins were only a year old when she came. I have left the care of the home, cooking, minding the children and all domestic duties to her as I am a working parent. I consider her very much a part of the family. The children love her and will dearly miss her when she leaves.

Also, I trust her completely and have no reasons to doubt her integrity. In all financial dealings with me, I have found her to be honest and trust-worthy. She is responsible and takes her duties seriously. She has had a mobile phone but has used it discreetly.

Obviously, I have had to invest some attention in her health but have never felt that she has taken advantage of my trust in her. Even in realising her need to learn to cook, I graciously put her through a cookery course. The intention was that she would cook some of the dishes for me at home.

It is with sadness that we will not be able to take Janette with us to our new country, however I know she will find the right family here in Singapore and commend her to any future employer.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. K

Married (46)
Ref: 0531-1124
Upd on 01-Jun-14

28 May 2014

To whom it may concern,

We highly recommend Susana Acosta as a candidate for employment. We are a Dutch family of 4 and Susana has been with us for more than 3 years. We've found her to be of high integrity, hardworking and pleasant around the house.

Susana is a very good helper, who you will be able to trust and rely upon. She is a good cook and has learned many new recipes during her stay with us.She also cleans and irons above standard.

Recently our personal circumstances have changed and for that reason only we have decided to end Susana's employment contract. We're happy to provide further information if required.

Yours faithfully,

R and B

(Employer's name with-held for privacy. Full details will be given to prospective employers for reference checks.)

Married (51)
Ref: 0531-1120
Upd on 31-May-14

25 May 2014

To whom it may concern,

Re: Reference for Ms Lane Pia Aduca

Lane joined our family as domestic helper in July 2011 and was employed with us for 3 years. In this time she performed her duties with pride and diligence. She is respectful, honest, reliable and hard working. Lane is also a responsible and committed Christian.

She is a very caring person who is fond of children and can be depended upon at all times. Lane is also a talented seamstress and a great cook who enjoys taking on the challenge of new recipes.

I have no hesitation in recommending her as a domestic helper. She has been an integral part of our family and we are sorry to be losing her.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


(Name with-held for employer's privacy. Full details will be given to interested prospective employers for reference checks. Current employer does not need a helper.)

Single (43)
Ref: 0531-1119
Upd on 31-May-14

I've been here in Singapore for 16 years. I am a well experienced helper, particularly in infant care. I've worked with 9 expat families, mainly taking care of new born babies and children. I completed almost all of my contracts. Some not completed because employers went back or were deployed else where. One was due to allergy to pets.

I have a diploma in Hospitality Management.

Taking care of new born and children is first and foremost my favorite job as a helper. I bathe the baby, feed the baby and bring the children to and from school.

Below is a reference letter from my current employer (you can call and check my performance with him):

Melba is a very experienced helper, having worked in Singapore for the past 16 years, mainly for expat families.

During her time with our family, Melba looked after our daughter who is now 6 years old. She also managed our household including cooking, food shopping, laundry and cleaning.

Melba joined our family with good references from previous families and has proven to be very trustworthy.

We would recommend Melba to any family in Singapore who need a reliable domestic worker to look after their children and manage their household.

I look forward to meeting up with you, Ma'am or Sir for an interview. Thank you.

Married (47)
Ref: 0531-1118
Upd on 31-May-14

I always strive to do my duty very well, especially cooking. I can cook Chinese food like pork, chicken, Hainanese chicken rice, chicken curry and Western food like chicken burger, pasta and salad.

I have experience in taking care of 10 months old, 7 years and 9 years old children.

I also have experience in laundry, ironing, general household chores, and washing the carpet.

My certificates include:

1. Caregiver Practicum Certificate - I have completed 60 hours of volunteer service at Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged Sick (Singapore)

2. Basic Financial Literacy Seminars by GoForth Training Services (in cooperation with Pinokyos Welfare Organization)

3. Certificate for Caregiver for Elderly and Basic Infant Care by ACMI (Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People)

4. Certificate for International Culinary by ACMI (Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People)

5. Certificate for Health, Safety and Basic First Aid for Infants and Young Children + parentcraft by Mother & Child

Married (47)
Ref: 0531-1117
Upd on 31-May-14
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